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At Stevens Training and Performance, our mission is to empower individuals to elevate their standards of health, fitness, and overall well-being. Through personalized training programs, expert guidance, and unwavering support, we strive to help our clients surpass their limitations and unlock their true physical and mental potential. With a focus on individuality, education, and innovative training methods, we inspire, motivate, and deliver exceptional results. Our mission is to transform lives, enabling our clients to embrace a lifestyle of strength, vitality, and self-improvement. Together, we will Elevate Your Standards and empower you to reach new heights of success.

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One-on-one training at Stevens Training and Performance benefits both athletes and adults by providing personalized attention and tailored programs to suit their specific needs and goals.

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Enhanced Performance

Our training focuses on improving athletic performance, whether you're a professional athlete or a dedicated sports enthusiast. We design training programs that target the specific skills, strength, speed, agility, and endurance required for your sport, helping you gain a competitive edge.

Injury Prevention/Safety

Our trainers have expertise in injury prevention and rehabilitation. They will assess your movement patterns, identify potential weaknesses or imbalances, and develop training strategies to minimize the risk of injuries and promote faster recovery.

Sculpted Physique

Transform your body and elevate your performance with Stevens Training and Performance. Our personalized training programs not only facilitate sustainable weight loss but also optimize your athletic capabilities. With expert guidance, custom workouts, and strategic nutrition, you'll achieve your weight loss goals while maximizing strength, endurance, and agility for peak performance in sports and everyday life.

Lasting Transformations

Experience lasting transformation through personalized training that prioritizes sustainable habit change. Unlock your full potential as expert trainers guide you towards healthy lifestyle choices, empowering you to develop long-term habits that enhance your well-being. Say goodbye to temporary fixes and embrace a lifelong journey of self-improvement and vitality.

Athletic Muscle

Unleash your full strength potential and sculpt your ideal physique with Stevens Training and Performance. Our personalized training programs prioritize lean, athletic muscle gain and strength development. Through targeted workouts, progressive overload, and tailored nutrition, you'll build lean muscle mass and increase overall strength, empowering you to achieve impressive gains while maintaining long-term results and enhancing your athletic performance.

Programming To Fit Your Needs

We understand that every adult has unique abilities, limitations, and considerations. Our trainers adapt exercises, intensity levels, and modifications to suit your individual needs, making the training safe, challenging, and rewarding.

online training

Stevens Training and Performance offers tailored online training programs for busy individuals of all fitness backgrounds. With flexible scheduling and personalized guidance, our programs eliminate guesswork and provide the support you need to achieve your goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, our platform offers comprehensive workout plans, and instructional videos to help you prioritize your fitness and transform your health.

1-on-1 Personal training

Stevens Training and Performance offers premium one-on-one training for athletes and adults with specific goals. Our personalized approach ensures individual attention, tailored programs, and expert guidance for your fitness journey.


Experience personalized Semi-Private Performance Training with Stevens Training and Performance. Utilizing the Train Heroic app, receive tailored workouts, expert guidance, and progress tracking in a small group setting. Achieve your fitness goals with the perfect balance of individual attention and group motivation.

1-0n-1 Nutrition Coaching

At Stevens Training and Performance, our Nutrition Coaching program is designed to create long-term changes and sustainable habits for busy individuals. We take into account your lifestyle and preferences to tailor a personalized nutrition plan that supports your fitness goals.

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