One-on-one personal training

One-on-one training at Stevens Training and Performance benefits both athletes and adults by providing personalized attention and tailored programs to suit their specific needs and goals.

Who's it for?

One-on-one training is suitable for:

Beginners: If you’re new to exercise, one-on-one training provides proper guidance and support to establish a solid foundation and learn correct form.

Individuals with Specific Goals: Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve performance, one-on-one training allows for targeted programming tailored to your goals.

Those Seeking Accountability: One-on-one training provides a high level of accountability, with a trainer there to motivate and push you, helping you stay committed to your fitness goals.

what's included

Enhanced Performance

Our one-on-one training focuses on improving athletic performance, whether you're a professional athlete or a dedicated sports enthusiast. We design training programs that target the specific skills, strength, speed, agility, and endurance required for your sport, helping you gain a competitive edge.

Injury Prevention

Our trainers have expertise in injury prevention and rehabilitation. They will assess your movement patterns, identify potential weaknesses or imbalances, and develop training strategies to minimize the risk of injuries and promote faster recovery.

Individualized Attention

Athletes require specialized training to address their unique strengths, weaknesses, and performance objectives. With one-on-one training, our coaches provide personalized attention, analyzing your performance, making real-time corrections, and adapting training plans to optimize your athletic development.

goal oriented Training

Our one-on-one training for adults is goal-oriented, whether you're aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, improved fitness, or overall well-being. We customize your training program to align with your specific objectives, ensuring you stay motivated and make progress towards your goals.

Personalized support

Our trainers offer personalized support, guidance, and motivation to keep you on track with your fitness journey. They provide accountability, monitor your progress, and make adjustments to your program as needed, ensuring you stay committed and achieve long-lasting results.

tailored to your abilities

We understand that every adult has unique abilities, limitations, and considerations. Our trainers adapt exercises, intensity levels, and modifications to suit your individual needs, making the training safe, challenging, and rewarding.

What To expect

During 1-on-1 sessions with Stevens Training and Performance, athletes can expect:

your investment

Our 1 on 1 training packages are dictated based upon individual needs that are discussed in your initial assessment and goal consultation.

All options include the above benefits and service, and can expect exceptional results.

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